I’m exmakina, aka Maki.

Fil-Am. She/her. Artist and graphic designer sustained by video games, genre fiction, and tea. 日本語勉強中。

I make all kinds of stuff.



Can I use your art as an icon/header/etc.?
Sure. Feel free to use anything I post for noncommercial purposes. If possible, please credit by linking the original post or this page.
What do you use to make your art?
For digital, I draw/paint in Procreate or Clip Studio Paint and composite in Adobe CC. For traditional, I use a mix of tools but particularly like Pentel and Faber-Castell pencils and pens.
Do you do commissions or take on paid work?
Nope. Some of my art is available to buy as prints, but I don't monetize my online work in any other way.